Pricing & Insurance

We believe in transparent and straightforward healthcare without surprises. Our practice is designed around providing you with personalized, high-quality care that addresses your unique needs. Here’s how our pricing and insurance policies work, so you can focus on what truly matters—your health and wellbeing.

Rheumatology and Wellness in Coastal North County, CA

Medicare and Insurance Policies

We are proud to be in-network with Medicare Part B, offering you the specialized care you deserve. For patients with Medicare Part B, there is no out-of-pocket charge for any covered services after your annual deductible.

For those with commercial insurance plans or Tricare, we operate on an out-of-network basis – but don’t let that worry you. Fees are due at the time of service but we assist you in navigating the claims submission process so you can submit your visits to your insurer for potential reimbursement. We’ve partnered with Reimbursify (learn more at Patient Resources), a service that manages this easily from your smartphone or home computer. Our approach ensures you have access to premier healthcare with the flexibility and personal attention that only a concierge-level practice can provide.

Note: at present time, Medicare Advantage HMO plans (PPO plans are OK) and MediCal (Medicaid) plans are not accepted.

Transparent Pricing for Unparalleled Care

Understanding the cost of your healthcare is important. Below is a detailed pricing table that compares our services with potential costs you might encounter at other practices or hospital systems. Our prices reflect not only the exceptional level of care you receive but also our commitment to access, efficiency, and personalization.

Service Estimated Traditional Cost (ie. UCSD, Scripps, Sharp, etc) Synergy Rheumatology Price Membership
Extended consultation including reviewing past records, communicating with other physicians as needed, ordering lab/imaging as necessary, ultrasound examination when applicable, immediate treatment when applicable (may be additional fee for injection), and report to your primary physician/other physicians, up to 75 minutes. Includes access to Elation Passport patient portal with full view of chart and electronic messaging. $1600 $450 N/A
Extended follow-up visit to review results, determine next steps/recommendations, monitor treatment, refill medications, etc. Up to 30 minutes. $600 1st follow-up included free with consultation fee; $225 for additional visits thereafter Included (unlimited, preferred scheduling same/next-day)
Elation Passport (Patient Electronic Portal) messaging to Dr. Fellows $400/hr Included (for clarifications only) Included, unlimited
Direct communication with Dr. Fellows via phone, SMS messaging Not available in traditional practices N/A Included
Extended hours communication and appointments (phone/SMS text messages/portal messaging/video visits/in-office visits) Not available in traditional practices N/A Included
Medication monitoring and refills $400/hr with follow-up appointments only Included (any time)
Joint, tendon, or soft tissue injections (corticosteroids, “cortisone”) $1700/joint without ultrasound $100/joint without ultrasound ($150/joint with ultrasound guidance) Included
Ultrasound diagnostics and guidance for injections (RhMSUS-certification) $700/joint varying on areas examined $50 per area (hand, shoulder, etc) for diagnostic ultrasound or injection guidance Included
Between-visit coordination with your other physicians $400/hr $200/hr prorated Included
Prior authorizations for imaging studies, testing, and advanced medications completed on your behalf $400/hr $100 flat-rate Included
Weight loss services including education/counseling/medication either with rheum services or alone $400/hr N/A Included
E-consult w/ other physicians N/A $50 N/A
Negotiated rates for cash-pay labs (in some cases, cheaper than your plan’s co-pay) Not available in traditional practices N/A Included
Prolotherapy for tendon injuries $600 N/A Included

Synergy's Membership Program - $129/Month

For those seeking an even deeper level of access and care for difficult conditions, our membership program offers an unparalleled healthcare experience. For a monthly fee of $129, members enjoy:

  • Enhanced access for appointments including after-hours or weekend appointments, ensuring timely and efficient care
  • 24/7 direct contact with Dr. Zachary Fellows via text message and email, providing peace of mind and immediate attention when you need it most
  • Priority appointments available same or next business day
  • Unlimited follow-up appointments for out-of-network patients
  • Discounted rates on procedures, prioritizing your health without financial strain.
  • Weight loss services, provided either on its own or bundled with your usual rheumatologic care

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility

At Synergy Rheumatology, your health is our top priority. Our pricing and insurance policies are designed with your best interests in mind, ensuring that financial considerations do not stand in the way of exceptional care. Dr. Zachary Fellows and our dedicated team are committed to transforming your healthcare experience, offering personalized, accessible, and high-quality rheumatology and obesity medicine services.