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Synergy’s 5 Element Weight Loss Program

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Are you struggling with daily tasks due to weight issues? Whether it’s feeling out of breath with short walks or running errands, facing discomfort or embarrassment in everyday situations, or dealing with the impact of weight on your arthritis, cardiac health, mental health, or diabetes, you’re not alone. Many face these challenges, often feeling lost and without guidance.


Successfully overcoming these challenges is always possible; a comprehensive, holistic program with close medical supervision by your physician can succeed even when other strategies fail, whether those other strategies were diets, medications, or even commercial weight loss programs. Those who have never sought help before or don’t know where to start are even more welcome and can start the transformation toward a healthier weight with the best foot forward.


Dr. Fellows began offering this in addition to rheumatology services, a natural “synergy”, if you will, since many rheumatologic and musculoskeletal problems are made worse by obesity. We can improve our arthritic low back pain, our hip and knee pain with weight loss strategies. Control of our metabolic syndromes and diabetes becomes easier. Our breathing and endurance can hit heights we haven’t been able to hit in years, maybe even decades. Many medications work more efficiently, or, might not be needed at all with weight loss. All of this, and more, can become a reality.

What is the Program?

Dr. Fellows’ 5 Elements Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive, personalized approach to weight management. The core of the program focuses on 5 separate pillars of weight loss, each of which needs to be considered for the best results:

  • IDENTIFY – identify any underlying medical and/or genetic concerns preventing weight loss
  • NUTRITION – nutritional education tailored to your likes/dislikes
  • MOVEMENT – counseling and goal-setting for exercise to help maintain our weight once we’ve lost it
  • MEDICATION – prescription medication management and monitoring (including Zepbound, Wegovy, Qsymia, Contrave, and others)
  • BEHAVIOR – troubleshooting habits and behaviors that work against us


This program is designed to address the unique needs of each individual, ensuring your journey to better health is both effective and sustainable. The program is open to individuals with or without other rheumatologic needs whether already seeing Dr. Fellows or not.

Overall Structure of the Program

  • Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with an in-depth consultation and weight check-in. This initial meeting sets the stage for your personalized treatment plan. Labs and initial diagnostic work is ordered to understand your unique health profile.
  • Biweekly Follow-ups: Beginning every two weeks post-consultation, we’ll meet either virtually or in-person to review and refine your plan (sometimes more often than every two weeks, if needed!). At each visit, we review and address the pillars described above, make adjustments if needed, and troubleshoot. In-between visits, you’ll have access to Dr. Fellows via messaging or phone so that you’ll always be able to reach your doctor.
  • Transition to Long-Term Follow-up: As you achieve milestones, our meetings will gradually shift to monthly, then quarterly, supporting you in maintaining your success.

How Synergy's Program Differs

  • Local, In-Person Focus: If you’re local, we encourage at least monthly in-person visits – a level of medical supervision not available in national telehealth programs.
  • Personalized Care: Whereas larger national problems may often treat you like a number, here you’re part of a team with your doctor that you can contact whenever you need.
  • Consistency: You’ll see the same doctor every time – no revolving door of health coaches or providers.
  • Access: As a member of the program, you’ll have unrestricted access to Dr. Fellows for quick messages, questions, or even full visits to make adjustments – this happening all on your schedule.

Obesity Medicine Certification: You’ll be working directly with an obesity medicine-trained and board-certified physician committed to your health.

Achieving Success Together

Embark on a journey where your success is our success. Through our personalized program, we’ll tackle weight management challenges together, transforming not just your weight but your overall well-being and quality of life.

Getting Started

Ready to take the first step? Contact us to schedule your intake appointment.