About Doctor Fellows

Dr. Fellows moved to the Carlsbad, CA area to be closer to his family after 4 years in private practice in the Northern California Bay Area. Moving back to the San Diego-area was a return to his adopted hometown where he completed residency training at Scripps Clinic in the mid-2010s.

During his training, he sought further qualification in musculoskeletal ultrasound, ultimately achieving the prestigious RhMSUS qualification awarded by the American College of Rheumatology. He regularly uses ultrasound techniques to aid in diagnosis of musculoskeletal and inflammatory disorders. He also uses ultrasound to improve precision for joint and tissue injections far exceeding what can be done with anatomic direction alone, improving comfort and results.

Dr. Fellows has a particular interest in the devastating condition and circumstances of fibromyalgia. He deeply understands the complexity of this condition, which often goes unrecognized or misunderstood. He delivers lectures to train other physicians on how to recognize fibromyalgia and improve the lives of their patients with the condition.

Dr. Fellows also harbors a keen interest in interstitial lung disease (ILD), particularly as it intersects with connective tissue diseases. He has previous research experience particularly in the field of rheumatoid arthritis-related ILD. He appreciates the intricate link between these conditions and the critical importance of a multidisciplinary approach to care. Working closely with pulmonologists, Dr. Fellows strives to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive management plan for his patients who suffer from these conditions.

He approaches care with an open mind, listening to your background, concerns, and hearing questions you may have. He formulates plans with you and in the end always allows you to make the best informed decision for your health.

When not working, he’ll often be at home with his wife Sarah, their two young children, and their adoring dog, Layla.

Board Certification